Three New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Posters Revealed

Where posters usually inspire only a slight twinge of excitement, posters for The Dark Knight Rises have instead inspired a war of words. To say reactions to the theatrical poster were negative would be an understatement. To acknowledge fans loved all the banners and character posters wouldn't do them justice. In fact, reactions to each set of images were so polarized, there's little surprise that the theatrical poster has more or less been replaced by the later offerings. And still, with just over two weeks left to release, Warner Bros. isn't done yet.

Today, no less than three new posters for Christopher Nolan's latest hit the Internet. One is for the IMAX release, another is a viral reward and a third is a UK quad based on a previously released viral image. How do these stack up with the others? Check them out below.

The below posters are from Coming Soon, IMP Awards (via First Showing) and ScreenCrush. (And yes, that last one you've already seen in Superhero Bits. WB decided to add the block on the bottom right and make it into a poster.)

I still think the banners released have been by far the most striking images in the marketing, followed closely by the character one sheets. Each portrayed these iconic characters in ways that tease us with what to expect from the movie. To be honest, these three posters are definitely more on the theatrical poster side. They'll do the job, tell someone who isn't familiar with Batman there's a new Batman movie coming out, but I don't seen too many fans running out and trying to buy these.

Not that it matters at this point. Is anyone not dying to see this movie? It's released July 20.