Superhero Bits: Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Mondo, Scott Pilgrim, The Avengers

Why is Batman standing on top of a Jiffy Lube? How can you read Scott Pilgrim in color? Want to read a psychology report on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in The Dark Knight Rises? Looking for a gorgeous, hi-res Amazing Spider-Man wallpaper before tomorrow's opening of the film? Where is Batman running around in the funniest parody video yet? Is a theme park prepping a Justice League ride? Has Marc Webb seen the 25 minute cut of The Amazing Spider-Man? Which actors should play Ant-Man or directors direct Guardians of the Galaxy? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

This fan art by Christiaan Mateo (via Nolan Fans) might be my favorite Dark Knight Rises piece yet.

The Amazing Spider-Man had a great international opening ahead of tomorrow's domestic one. Read more on Deadline.

Oni Press is releasing color versions of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life as well as an Evil Edition (above) and more. Head to Comic Book Resources.

The team from Hollywood Treasure, Profiles in History, is auctioning off some SICK superhero memorabilia. There's the full Batman Returns costume, Wolverine's costume and more.

Superhero Hype links to a bunch of new Dark Knight Rises viral stuff including a two page psych evaluation of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character.

Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia will soon have a full Justice League 3D ride opening. Read more at Superhero Hype.

Thinkgeek has this cool Batman skyline t-shirt.What Culture picked up on a few of Peter's tweets saying The Dark Knight Rises is great.

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This high res image from The Amazing Spider-Man is extremely cool.

Marvel has officially released the details of The Avengers Blu-ray set, out September 25.

Here's an alternative Mondo poster for The Amazing Spider-Man by Laurent Durieux via Super Punch.

Marion Cotillard talked to Empire (via CBM) about her role in The Dark Knight Rises:

Miranda is fascinated by Wayne Enterprises. They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She's a good guy. I cannot say much – but I kiss him.

Screenrant posted a video of The Amazing Spider-Man saving Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. A nice piece of editing.TheRobsonExperience stars in probably the funniest Batman parody I've seen in some time: The Dark Knight In Real Life. Thanks to Mashable.Marc Webb has not seen The Amazing Spider-Man 25 minute cut and had this to say to Film School Rejects about it:

I have not seen it, but, listen, I think most movies reveal as much stuff. That's a marketing department thing, so I wasn't necessarily involved in that. If you don't want to watch it, don't watch it. Is it really that hard?

CelestialNexus via Gamma Squad filled out a bunch of comment cards as members of The Avengers and they're really funny. That's just one above.That's Nerdalicious posted a bunch of caped superhero glasses and mugs.

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Check out Spider-Man doing a little community service via Trailer Addict. ranks Stan Lee's top 15 Marvel cameos.

This Cool Vibe art by James Carson of Captain America is movie worthy.

Screenrant lists their top 10 wish list actors for Ant Man.

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Rhys Ifans spoke to MTV about why The Lizard is so evil in The Amazing Spider-Man.Film School Rejects have two intelligent ways The Amazing Spider-Man can change movies.Blastr posted a gallery of old-school Marvel covers showing the art before it was tweaked by editors for publication. [via The Marvel Age of Comics]

Which five directors would knock Guardians of the Galaxy out of the park? The Playlist has the list.

Due to the amount of graphics and images included in Superhero Bits, we have to split this post over FOUR pages. Click the link above to continue to the final page of Superhero Bits.

Stan Lee has a comedic take on prequels including Prometheus.

IMAX has released a full list of theaters playing The Amazing Spider-Man.

Popular artists Olly Moss and Daniel Danger collaborated on a few Batman inspired posters that will likely be available at San Diego Comic-Con. That's one at the top and another here. Stayed tuned for more Comic-Con poster related news. [EDIT: Removed the word "Mondo" from this bit as I heard they are not Mondo]

Lit Reactor has an article about what The Dark Knight Rises can learn from The Avengers.

No, that's not the poster for Godzilla. It's a new Amazing Spider-Man poster posted by Coming Soon.

Comic Book Movie has toy images of a vehicle we haven't seen in The Dark Knight Rises commercials. I think it's just a toy but, if it's not, it's a spoiler.