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Header Photo: "Yet another trilogy that makes NO sense whatsoever" — Reddit

The 10 Best Films in Tyler Perry's Creative Canon

The Walking Dead Birthday Cake

18 Brilliant Movie Quotes from 18 Great Directors

/Film writer Germain Lussier gives a tour of his personal movie poster print collection.

Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry Join BET Awards

Photo from The Possession.

Men at Work Renewed for a Second Season

Video: Judd Apatow Gives Teenage Girls Life Advice in Ask a Grown Man

Google Adds Movie Purchases, TV Shows, And Magazines To Google Play

Pulp Fiction/Street Fighter t-shirt mash-up "Pulp Fighter II"

Comedian Kevin Hart joins Screen Gems' remake of About Last Night.

Video: Beauty and the Beat

11 Crappiest Movies of Matthew McConaughey's Career

Star Trek Uniform Infant Snapsuits

6 Filmmaking Tips From Nora Ephron

Supercut: "Son of a Bitch" Part 2

Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren't Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

"Icy Treats" t-shirt.

Jane Lynch To Emcee Roseanne Barr Roast

MGM and Screen Gems' Carrie Reimagining Starts Filming

Supercut: Seth Rogen laughing.

Shawn Levy's 'Interns' Adds JoAnna Garcia

Doctor Who TARDIS Dalek Attack Quilt

Jackie Chan Lining Up English-Language Action Comedy

Futurama Yahtzee

How the Hollywood Sign Stays in Such Excellent Shape

Watch a Magic Mike Flash Mob on the Today Show With Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello

AMC Networks May Go Dark On AT&T U-Verse Too

Poster For Mike Birbiglia's 'Sleepwalk With Me' Co-Starring Lauren Ambrose

Your Guide to the Cinematic Life of Musician Leonard Cohen

Back To The Future Limo (via)

Almost Twice As Many People Watch TV On iPads And Other Tablets Worldwide

Epic Meal Time: Crispy Tauntaun

Actress Doris Singleton Isaacs dies

Her Universe Launches Doctor Who Shirts

The Essentials: 5 Key Nora Ephron Films

Katy Perry's movie-themed outfit for the premiere of her movie Part of Me.

Nora Ephron: 10 Memorable Quotes

Comic Connery t-shirt design up for vote on Threadless

Nora Ephron's Top 5 Films

Star Wars R2-D2 Novelty Phone

5 Things Nora Ephron Did For Women in the Entertainment Industry

Weyland Industries to Recruit New Employees at Comic-Con

There's More Than Just 'Ted': The Top 5 Animated Teddy Bears In Movies

The Pinheads Back To The Future Shirt

Dan Rather reviewed The Newsroom

Muppets Beaker Shirt

Guinness recognizes the longest single-shot movie (via)

Yoda twitter logo redesign.

How to get under Aaron Sorkin's skin (and also, how to high-five properly) (via)

Julian Birchman's water color painting of Prometheus.

Is 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Film Criticism?

Bill Murray coloring book.

People Like Us Director Alex Kurtzman on How to Make a Movie Without Robots or Spaceships