Watch A 25-Minute Cut Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man', Courtesy Of Sony's Own Marketing Materials

If the sheer amount of The Amazing Spider-Man teasers, trailers, spots, and clips released so far have you wondering if you've already seen the whole damn film... well, you might not be that far off. A Vimeo user going by Sleepyskunk has cut together the footage we've already seen into a 25-minute version of the movie that covers the basics of the entire narrative. Watch it after the jump (but be warned that, duh, spoilers follow).

[via Screen Crush]

Obviously, this video's no replacement for the real thing. 25 minutes of footage still means there are 110 minutes of the film we haven't seen, and you can tell that some of the sequences are missing a few bits. Certain parts don't flow as they should, or just don't make that much sense. Plus, since these clips have been pulled from all over the web, the quality is incredibly uneven.

But it's a strikingly effective illustration of just how overboard movie marketing can get. Having seen the film, I can attest that Sleepyskunk's edit covers most of the major points, including key emotional moments, big laugh lines, and even a significant parts of the final showdown. It's actually a little disheartening. I'm certainly not one of those people who believe all trailers should be treated as nuclear-level spoilers or anything like that, but you'd think Sony would want to hold back something to impress viewers once they get to the theater.

And it is possible to put out tons of marketing material without giving away everything, as Lionsgate's team proved with The Hunger Games earlier this year. They managed to churn out clips and photos on a regular basis while keeping most of the stuff in the actual Games arena — so, the meat of the story — under wraps until the film hit.

Sleepyskunk's version hews so closely, in fact, that it looks like Sony's already irritated with them for stitching the pieces together. Sleepyskunk says their video's already been pulled from Vimeo without notice, even though all of the footage contained within comes from materials the studio itself has uploaded to the Internet. The real The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3.