Pixar's 'Brave' - What Did You Think?

Brave is Pixar's first overt fairy tale, and the studio's first film with a female protagonist. Those points, combined with the fairly public development process that saw the title change from The Bear and the Bow, and original director Brenda Chapman replaced with Mark Andrews, has positioned Pixar's thirteenth film as a film of interest for many.Brave is in theaters now, so how did it turn out? Talk about your experience watching Brave after the break, and keep in mind that spoilers are welcome in the comments below.Brave is a smaller film than we've come to expect from Pixar, with a much more limited cast of important characters. Sure, there are a lot of characters in the film, but only a handful truly matter. At the core, this is a movie about the schism in the relationship between the girl Merida and her mother.

Marketing for the film cleverly hid the first to second-act transition, in which Merida's mum is transformed into a bear. That would be inconvenient enough were it not for one thing: Merida's father, the king, is a sworn enemy of bears. That, taken with the small scope of the story, has led some to think Brave doesn't stand up to Pixar's best work. And I'll agree that it is relatively minor for the studio, but hardly a bad film, and almost a refreshing change of pace for the collective.

So what did you think of Brave? Germain wasn't wild about it, though he warmed up to the movie in the end, and I liked it a good bit more than that. Now let us know what you thought, below.