'Taken 2' International Trailer: Liam Neeson Turns The Title Into A Tagline

"Your mother is going to be Taken." Gotta capitalize the 't' in that last word, as Liam Neeson gives his daughter (Maggie Grace) a one-line reason for this movie to exist. The Neeson of Taken is back, and his very particular set of skills has returned as well. You've probably heard of the original film, which cemented Neeson as an ass-kicker for the current generation of b-movie fans.

Now Taken 2, directed by Olivier Megaton and produced and co-written by Luc Besson, lets Maggie Grace get into the action as dad reacts to her mother (Famke Janssen) being kidnapped by Rade Sherbedgia and some Albanian guys who are pissed off at Neeson for all the stuff he did in the first movie. What do you think happens next?

See? Sherbedgia is a dad, too! And his son was TAKEN from him by Neeson's character! Shit just got real. One question, though: why couldn't Neeson's line be "your mother is going to be Taken, too"? If you're going to go for it with a line like that, then really go for it. Sheesh.

Yahoo has the trailer. Taken 2 opens on October 5. Do you really need a synopsis?