VOTD: 'The Real Goodfella,' A Documentary About The Late Henry Hill

Movies have a way of elevating even the most dastardly subject. Martin Scorsese's film Goodfellas, based on the life of gangster turned federal informant Henry Hill, doesn't try to turn Hill into an anti-hero, but the liveliness and energy of the film almost ensured that some people would see it the wrong way regardless. That's not Scorsese's fault; it's just the way movies work.

And so, when Hill died last week, there were some fond eulogies to be read... to a guy who was a thief, drug dealer, and accomplice to murder. And while Hill took many steps to reform and leave his mob life behind, there are still many remembrances of his 'glory' days in the mafia. So it's a good time to remember some of the details of Hill's life that aren't so savory. The documentary The Real Goodfella is a great way to do it. The film features interviews with Hill and Scorsese, and many more.

After the break, watch the 2006 documentary, which is NSFW thanks to language and some graphic crime scene photos.

[via Movies]