'Bored To Death' Movie In The Works?

Strong as HBO's current lineup is, it's simply not possible to squeeze in that many exciting new shows without cutting out a few of the old ones. And late last year, one of the unfortunate casualties of the updated programming turned out to be the excellent Bored to Death.

While the noir-inspired comedy never really kicked ass in the ratings, it developed enough of a cult following (including yours truly) that its passing was noticed and mourned. So naturally, it's now headed in the same direction as so many other brilliant-but-cancelled series, with talk of a potential movie down the line. More details after the jump.

HBO's comment seems like an encouraging sign, since it suggests this isn't just a case of the talent getting together and talking up unrealistic ideas. Moreover, the recent-ish bidding war over new episodes of Arrested Development gives us cause to hope that HBO sees the wisdom in reviving a beloved series rather than simply letting it gather dust on the shelf. On the other hand, we've heard stories like this before, and so far, few of the promised movie sequels have panned out. (Looking at you, Party Down.)

But as a fan, I'm holding out hope that Danson is right. He, Jason Schwartzman, and Zach Galifianakis had a wonderfully oddball chemistry, and I'd gladly shell out for a ticket to see them reunited one more time on the big screen. (This might also be only a televised film.) Then there's the matter of the odd, unsatisfying note that closed the series. I just want to see if Jonathan (Schwartzman) eventually gave up (spoiler alert!) screwing his half-sister, and if it takes a movie to answer that question, I'm happy to keep my fingers crossed.