Video Game Bits: Villains And Images Revealed For 'Star Trek' Video Game, Trailers For 'South Park,' 'Avengers: Battle For Earth,' 'Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition,' And 'Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron'

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, the world's largest and most important loudest gaming event, is currently going on in Los Angeles, CA and out of the smoke have emerged trailers and info on a bunch of new movie, TV and comic related games.

After the jump we've got trailers for South Park: The Stick of Truth (yes, the South Park gang is starring in a M rated video game), a Marvel actioner called Avengers: Battle for Earth, and an updated WiiU version of Batman: Arkham City called Armored Edition. There's also a new Transformers gamed called Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and there's a surprising twist in who the villains are for the next Star Trek game.

THQ revealed a brand new South Park video game called South Park: The Stick of Truth. It comes out in March, looks like the South Park TV show and features the same kind of language and humor. Check out the trailer below.

Next up, you've already seen this if you checked out today's Superhero Bits, but just in case, the XBox Kinect and WiiU will premiere a new Marvel game that makes The Avengers of The Avengers movie look like the B-squad they really are. Here's Avengers: Battle for Earth via MTV.

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Again, this was in today's Superhero Bits, but in case you're more video game inclined, Rocksteady has developed a new way to play Batman Arkham City on WiiU, which will be out this holiday season. It's called the Armored Edition and moving pictures say more than a thousand words:

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Can't wait for Transformers 4? Well, Superhero Hype has a look at Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, out this August for 360 and PS3.

Finally, reports that not only will Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto lend their voices to a new Star Trek game, the enemies in the game will be the Gorn. Check them out, and more, in these images and head to that site for a full press release. The game is out early 2013.