Watch The Premiere Episode Of Kevin Smith's Movie Review Show 'Spoilers'

People love Kevin Smith because he's an unabashed movie nerd and we all feel like we could sit down and have an awesome conversation with him. It's that relatable nature that Smith brings to his new Internet movie review show, Spoilers, which premiered Monday on Hulu. For the rest of the summer, Smith will take fifty people to see a brand new movie on opening weekend and then all have a discussion about it. Mix that with some exclusive interviews and other segments and we have, what Smith hopes, is a weekly ritual for movie fans everywhere.

So how's the first episode? Check it out below.

In episode one, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, Smith and friends review Snow White and the Huntsman, he interviews Carrie Fisher and recommends Stranger Than Paradise. Here's the official site. And yes, like ten minutes in, Smith admits that he fell asleep twice.

For the past few weeks, Smith has been tweeting about this show and the fact that anyone can apply to join him and attend any of films for the rest of the summer. The idea is solid and it is nice to watch a show where so many different people can offer so many different opinions on a movie. However, because the audience is kind of big, it's difficult to get an actual, enlightening discourse going. It's more just a huge hodgepodge of opinions.

Still, if you like Smith's brand of humor and movie talk, the show is entertaining.  And I imagine it'll be even more entertaining when the movie is a bit more exciting. Snow White and the Huntsman isn't terrible, but Prometheus or The Dark Knight Rises will surely elicit some more passionate responses from the fans.

Did you enjoy the first episode of Spoilers? Have any of you applied to be on it?