Watch The Trailer For Cannes Top Prize Winner 'Amour'

Over the weekend the top Cannes prize, the Palme d'Or, was awarded to Amour (Love), the latest film from Austrian director Michael Haneke. It's Haneke's second Palme d'Or in a stretch of two films; his movie The White Ribbon took the award in 2009. (Other films of his, Cache and The Piano Teacher, have been nominated for the prize, too.)

Today Sony Pictures Classics set a December 19 release date for the film. While that seems like a serious attempt to court Oscar votes, the serious end-of-life story will have an uphill battle come Oscar time. Still, Haneke's films, somber though they may be, are often extremely powerful, and reviews of Amour out of Cannes were positive. Check out a great trailer below.

Yep, that's Haneke. Difficult, stately and quiet, but also seemingly intensely well-acted and with the potential to be very affecting. I like the small, controlled atmosphere, and the photography looks clear and beautiful. And that cut from the piano to the clicking off of the stereo is so specifically an example of the director's tendencies, and such a nice little punch.

(Also, I hope everyone sees the ad for an MMA fight in front of this trailer, because the juxtaposition is so stupid it is hilarious.)