'Dominion: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens' To Feature Smart Dinosaurs And Speaking Aliens

For the past year, Men in Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld and comic book writer Grant Morrison have been working on a graphic novel called Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens that will eventually be turned into a movie. The idea was to tell the "true story" of how dinosaurs became extinct as a massive "photorealistic CG movie in 3D."

With Sonnenfeld doing press for MIB3, he's answered a few questions about the monster mash-up including the latest on its development as well as the question on everyone's mind: how the heck do aliens and dinosaurs communicate? Read more after the jump.

In an interview with IO9, Sonnenfeld addressed the status of the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens and that pesky language problem:

First, we have to sell the project. We're going out to LA in about 6 weeks with a pre-vis and our script, to see who wants to buy into it. We've already had lots of ideas. The aliens speak in a way [that] you can understand them. And the dinosaurs — they actually have a certain amount of culture, through grunts and doing stuff with their bodies and sticks. We believe that the Dinosaurs had culture. They didn't speak, but they did have other ways of communicating. It won't be a problem, and it will be pretty fantastic.

He also spoke about how the two sides would end up fighting:

[The dinosaurs] learn from the aliens. They're very smart — that's one of the things about the dinosaurs. That makes them possibly the way they really were. They have rudimentary [weapons], but they learn as they go along from the aliens.

Honestly, I was sold at the words "dinosaurs versus aliens" so Sonnenfeld didn't really need to spell it out but I'm glad he did. Those hints give a better idea of what exactly the movie will entail.

When Sonnenfeld spoke to Collider last month, he confessed out of all the projects on his place, this one was closest to happening and could possibly be his next movie. We'll find out in six weeks if someone buys it.