FBI Warning In Front Of DVDs Updated; Second, Unskippable, Anti-Piracy Screen Added

Who doesn't love the FBI Warning in front of your movies? There's nothing quite like renting or buying a movie legally, sitting down with your family, and then having an intimidating warning pop on screen to scare you from any kind of unlicensed reproduction. And if that wasn't bad enough, starting this week, DVDs will be getting an updated FBI Warning as well as a second Anti-Piracy warning before all movies. See both screens and more after the jump.

Wired reported on the new screens you can expect to see in front of your movies. Here they are. I'm sure you'll be seeing them again.

As you can see, the FBI Warning has been updated with a new Homeland Security badge and the second screen warns against piracy. The logo was last updated in 2004 from the red, white and black one you likely remember from you childhood.

The Wired article also mentions that digital downloads of content rarely is slapped with these warning and those are the files people more regularly file trade and download illegally. Most people who will see these new logos have legally purchased the products in some form.

John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the following about the new logos:

Our nation's film and TV business is critical to our economy. Its creativity and imagination have made American entertainment one of our greatest exports over the decades, but criminals are increasingly engaging in new forms of digital theft. Law enforcement must continue to expand how it combats criminal activity. Public awareness and education are a critical part of that effort.

I don't know. I feel like annoying people who've purchased a movie by not letting them skip screens accusing them of crimes might actually do the opposite; force them to go find versions of the movies that are more open. Or maybe these warnings will give impressionable kids ideas. There are certainly better ways to stop piracy than updating these logos, don't you agree?