Watch 8 Minutes Of Rare On-Set Footage From 'Jurassic Park'

You're probably aware of my love for behind the scenes documentaries which offer real fly on the wall footage from film sets. The new featurettes that come packaged with DVDs and Blu-rays are usually too-polished to offer any interesting footage of the director in action. In recent years we've been posting a lot of B-Roll footage from contemporary film productions (like The Avengers). But even B-Roll has become carefully chosen and sometimes staged moments. Nothing beats seeing real rare footage from the set of a cinematic classic.

/Film reader Bob M sent over a video I've never seen before — almost 8 minutes of behind the scenes footage from the set of Jurassic Park. Most of the footage is taken outside of the Jurassic Park Visitor's Center and the first moments when the characters arrive on the island. I could watch Steven Spielberg direct all day long.  Watch this footage now embedded after the jump.