/Filmcast Ep. 180 - Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope (GUEST: Joseph Kahn, Director Of Detention)

This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam take on the MPAA and wonder about the fate of Gary Ross's work in the Hunger Games film series. Also, can enthusiasm only take you so far? Or is it the key to unlocking your dreams? Special guest Joseph Kahn joins us to discuss. Kahn's newest film, Detention, opens in limited release this Friday.

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  • (04:20) Torque and Detention director Joseph Kahn joins us!
  • What We've Been Watching

  • David Chen (05:15): American Reunion
  • Devindra (08:38): New Girl, Game of Thrones S2
  • Adam (16:46): Fish Story
  • News Discussion

  • (23:25) Gary Ross Will Not Direct the Hunger Games Sequel
  • (27:50) Bully Gets PG-13 Rating
  • Featured Review

  • (34:38) Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope
  • Credits

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