/Film Video Interview: Morgan Spurlock Discusses 'Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope' [Part 1]

For months now, both Peter and I have been raving about Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. And for good reason. The director of Super Size Me teamed up with producers Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Harry Knowles and Thomas Tull to create a film that does just about the perfect job of showing why fans like us enjoy going to San Diego Comic-Con every single year. The bulk of the story follows seven different people going to Comic-Con for their own, very different, reasons (cosplay, toys, comics, art, love, etc.) which is then intercut with interviews from other directors, actors, fans and geek-gods, together covering almost every single base of why the mecca of pop culture is such a magical place.

Obviously, with a film like this, there's a lot to talk about and Spurlock obliged. He gave us a generous 30 minutes of his time to discuss the ins and outs of Comic-Con Episode IV A Fan's Hope, which is in select theaters now and on VOD and iTunes everywhere, and much more.

After the jump, watch part one of the three part interview where we discuss the genesis of the project, media perception of Comic-Con, subjects who ended up on the cutting room floor, the crazy logistics of shooting at the convention and much more.

Later this week, check back for part two and three of our interview. In part two we discuss Comic-Con even more in depth, including discoveries made during shooting, the fact that he doesn't appear in the film, the title, stabbing in Hall H, the film's four-walling tour and what might be on the DVD. Then, in part three, we'll discuss the failure of The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, his upcoming film Mansome, and the other projects he has in store.

It was an epic interview and here's the start. Thanks so much to Morgan Spurlock.

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope is on VOD and iTunes now. It's also in select theaters and will be expanding in the coming weeks. Head here for more info.