Cool Stuff: Officially Recognized, Working Kaneda Motorcycle From 'Akira'

If the question "What do people love most about Katsuhiro Otomo's manga turned classic japanimation film Akira?" was on some alternative, amazing version of Family Feud, Kaneda's motorcycle would be the number one answer. Sure the animation is fantastic, story compelling and voice acting emotional. But it's that motorcycle that sells the movie. People all over the world have tried to create it, continue to buy toys of it and now one man has built a model so perfect, even the Akira creator has recognized it as official. His name is Masashi Teshima from Fukuoka, Japan and after the jump, you can see his perfect Akira replica.

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up on this bike, which took seven years to build and cost about 10 million yen ($121,400). Here are some photos.

And here are some videos. There are even more on Anime News Network.

What's great about this bike, besides everything, is that Teshima is riding it across Japan to raise money for charity. Eventually he'll end up in Tokyo at the Katsuhiro Otomo GENGA Exhibition which will be held from April 9-May 30 where the bike will be put on display and people can pay to have their picture taken.

Seven years and $120,000. I think it's the time that's more intimidating than the money. Either way, I'd love to hear about how he got all those intricate parts and stickers just right.

As an Akira fan, how much would you spend on a bike like this? Do you see any flaws?