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Check out the poster for Rob Reiner's 'The Magic of Belle Isle' Starring Morgan Freeman

Ashton Kutcher prepares to play Steve Jobs: "He is already meeting with folks that knew Steve Jobs. He's working with professionals to get inside the voice. He's letting his hair grow out. I understand he's canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects."

Goofy and Disneyland Pay Homage to Classic Shorts in "The Art of Vacationing"

Imax Inks Three-Screen Deal With Empire Theaters

Awesome Parents Built a Millennium Falcon for Their Kid

CinemaBlend lists 20 Amazing Things You May Have Forgotten About American PieMuppets Statler and Waldorf CakeMoviefone lists The 10 Biggest Messups From Titanic.GeekSugar lists 18 geeky cakes for wedding day inspiration.

U.K. Online Movie Service Blinkbox Pacts With Disney to Challenge Netflix, Amazon's LoveFilm

Giant Scrap-Metal-Robot-Themepark

Whit Stillman talks about his five favorite films.

Xenophile t-shirt.

Titanic: The Real Story Behind the Infamous 'Glub, Glub, Glub' Headline

Scott C's Waterworld-inspired Great Showdown.

ScreenCrush gives a visual history of the flying car in movies.

Ghoulish Gary Pullin's Psycho poster.

GeekSugar lists flying cars and other future tech movies got right.

Watch The Killing's Detective Linden Keep Trying to Make a Flight to CaliforniaIO9 lists 10 Times the Doctor Acted Like a Total Bastard on Doctor WhoChristopher Harrell has released a new second colorway of his Game of Thrones-inspired "Winter Is Coming" print.OWF lists 10 films with song names for titles.Justin Kamerer has released film themed version of his Weapons of Mass Creation poster series.ToplessRobot lists The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Star Wars-Themed CommercialsAdam Rabalais' Leon: The Professional posterRejects presents the Anchorman drinking game.Video: All The News That's Fit to Post is a 2010 short documentary by Gestalten taking a look inside the graphics department at The New York Times.Paste lists the 20 best songs written for movies.Game of Thrones: The Lands Of Ice And Fire Map CollectionWhy All Signs Point to a Record Year at the Box OfficeDave Perillo's steampunk-ish Star Wars posterNot Gonna Lie: The Hunger Games, Twitter, and Reverse VictimizationFuturama easter eggs.Miley Cyrus May Be Quitting Hollywood...FOR GOOD!

Watch 1 Man Imitate 75 Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winners in 5 Minutes

The River will be released on DVD in May.Lord of the Rings easter egg.Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club & Empire Records Soundtracks Getting Vinyl Reissues For Record Store DayScooby Doo caught sleeping.Playlist has a retrospective on the films of Whit Stillman.WeLoveFine is selling a Back to the Future pixel t-shirt.Crunching the numbers: Amazon Prime vs. Netflix

Watch a Silent Era Back To The Future

HuffPost brings some perspective to the 1966 murders mentioned in last night's episode of Mad Men.Game of Thrones cosplayers.

Website Tries to Get Larry David to Join Twitter

Watch this Pac Man: The Movie fan short.

Paranormal Activity Filmmakers to Make Latino-Centric Horror Offshoot at Paramount

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland easter eggs.OWF explains how a Bioshock film script adaptation should read.

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Zen lists 7 Movie Quotes to Get You Through Exams

Infographic commissioned by

Infographic: Ultimate James Bond Movie Vehicles

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