The Horror: WWE Wrestler Hornswoggle In 'Leprechaun: Origins,' Sequel To 'Child's Play' In Development Along With Reboot

With reboots happening left and right — for the biggest properties (Spider-Man, Star Trek) to more hardcore fan titles (RoboCop) to things that probably shouldn't be touched (The Three Stooges) — its no surprise that the most low-rent, easily redone properties are getting the remake treatment.

And so here we are with news on Leprechaun: Origins, a film that will seek to somehow reinvigorate a franchise that seemingly ended with the Irish demon going from space to tha hood, and two Child's Play movies, with will simultaneously act as reboot and sequel to the 'possessed doll' story that has been exploited in several films since 1988.

Leprechaun: Origins is a venture sponsored by Lionsgate and World Wrestling Entertainment Studios, and our first bit of news is that the new Leprechaun will be played by wrestler Hornswoggle, (aka Dylan Postl). He has been part of pro wrestling since the mid-aughts, and started with WWE in 2006. For much of his time with the organization he acted as a sort of silent comedy player. Now he's moving to the big screen. The wrestler said via twitter:

The #swogglesecret that I've been hinting at all week is that in March 2013 I will be starring in Leprechaun:Origins by WWE Studios!!!

That's what looks like an official image release, above. Here's a taste of the guy's antics with WWE:

And then there is Child's Play. We've known that the series is potentially getting a darker, less comic reboot from Don Mancini and David Kirschner, with Brad Dourif again voicing the killer doll Chucky. At a recent horror convention, Moviehole attended a panel on which Dourif said there isn't just the sequel, but a "spin-off of sorts involving Chucky's immediate family," called Revenge of Chucky. Dourif says he is involved in both films, but doesn't have a script for the remake at this point. Be afraid.