'Twins' Sequel Being Developed As 'Triplets,' With Schwarzenegger, DeVito And Eddie Murphy

Rumors have flown for the past year of a possible sequel to Twins, the 1988 comedy in which Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as genetically engineered but not quite identical brothers. And now that second film is really happening: Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are developing a film that will follow Twins. But Twins 2 isn't quite going to cut it; this film will be called Triplets. And if things work out the way the companies want, Eddie Murphy will be the third brother.

THR says "the story would see Schwarzenegger and DeVito as brothers Julius and Vincent, conceived experimentally, who discover they have third sibling."

There is no director yet. Ivan Reitman directed Twins (taking the title from his old filmmaking partner David Cronenberg, who originally planned to use it for the film that became Dead Ringers) but he may not return. There isn't even a writer yet set to put words on the screen. So this is just an idea in search of a script. That means that the participation of all three major actors is conditional — if they like the script, the movie might happen.

What are the chances we'll actually see this? Hard to say. DeVito has talked actively about doing it and Schwarzenegger is reportedly interested, too. So they seem like they're ready to go. And Eddie Murphy... it's hard to tell what Murphy really wants to do. He has said he doesn't want to do any more family comedies; he's interested in "edgy" stuff. I get the sense that if he's not into the script, he'll bail without a second thought. Granted, that might leave the door open for someone else to play the third brother...