Seth Rogen Is The Dude In Jason Reitman's 'Big Lebowski' Live Read

Thursday marks the end of Jason Reitman's series of live readings at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and, for most of us, that's a relief. It's a relief because we can finally stop being insanely jealous of the small group of people who've gotten to experience these incredible events which will never be released to the public. There's still one to go, though, and it really ties the room together.

Of course, the final live reading is Joel and Ethan Coen's The Big Lebowski, one of the most beloved films in recent memory. And while no one could match the perfection the Coens achieved with their casting, Reitman will bring his own unique and fun actors to the material. At the top of the list, Seth Rogen as The Dude, originated by Jeff Bridges. Who's playing Walter, Donnie, Maude, The Jesus, Bunny, Brandt, Jackie Treehorn and more? Find out after the jump.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and Jason Reitman's Twitter for the following info.

Because the script has so many roles, most of the actors will be playing multiple parts. Here's just a few of the announcements as Reitman likes to save a few for the event itself.

  • Rainn Wilson will play Walter, originated by John Goodman
  • Hank Azaria will play Donnie, originated by Steve Buscemi. He'll also play the P.I. Da Fino and Karl Hungus.
  • Nick Kroll will play The Jesus, originated by John Turturro. He'll also play Jackie Treehorn and Tony the chauffeur
  • Fred Savage replaced Patton Oswalt and will play Brandt, originated by Philip Seymour Hoffman. He'll also play Smokey and the cop who finds The Dude's car. He, Kroll and Azaria will together be the Nihilists.
  • Christina Hendricks will be Maude Lebowki, originated by Julianne Moore.
  • Catherine Reitman will by Bunny, originated by Tara Reid.
  • Seriously, how awesome is that?

    Reitman previously did readings of The Breakfast Club, The ApartmentThe Princess BrideShampoo, and Reservoir Dogs. All of these, including tonight's, have long since sold out. But there will be a stand by line beginning any minute now at LACMA.

    Here's the poster for the event, created by Matt Owen and curated by Gallery 1988.

    The poster will be on sale to the general public and you don't need a ticket. Any leftovers will be on sale at the G1988 Tumblr.