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Header Photo: The Mmmm-llenium Chocolate Falcon

More Movies Will Be Streamed Than Watched On Disc For the First Time In 2012

Hunger Games cake.

Mad Men Season 5: Predictions For Joan, Megan, Sally, Betty, Peggy Et. Al.

Ultimate Fantasy Map. imagines movies as programing code.

The Archive Series—Walt Disney's Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks will be released on September 18.

Complex lists The 25 Best Movie Cadillacs

Alien Corset's Planet Of The Apes Silkscreen Poster

Grauman's Chinese Theatre to offer 25-cent admission to celebrate their 85th birthday

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Catherine Hardwicke May Direct 60?s-Set British Gangster Movie, Diamond

Watch: George Lucas' Early, Experimental Art House Films

LA Observed presents A recent history of the Hollywood trades

Finding Nemo Cake

Revision3 adds Catherine Reitman, the daughter of Ivan Reitman and sister of Jason, to digital roster as a movie reviewer.

Watch the Opening of Mad Men If Don Draper Were Barack Obama

What George Lois, a real ad mad man, has to say about Mad Men.

CartoonBrew figures out just How Long is 37 Years at Disney?

TheWeek lists John Carter and 11 other massive movie flops

Space Ghost + Indiana Jones cartoon concept by Andy Hunter

The Atlantic lists 10 Greatest American Gangster Movies Of All Time

The Road To Pixar have finished their Pizza Planet truck replica.

Listverse lists the Top 10 Films With The Best Special Effects

Todd Spence's Back to the Future painting.

IO9 lists the top 10 of the Most Awesome Sword Fight Scenes Ever

Check out some Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

Blastr lists 14 frakkin' awesome sci-fi curse words

Mars Attacks illustration by Jordan Debney

Global Box Office Hit $32.6 Bil in 2011, Fueled by Exploding International Growth

Check out a new poster for Joseph Khan's Detention

ScreenRant lists 5 Facts About 'The Hunger Games' Movie for Those Who Haven't Read the Books

Custom Ewok hat.

Lovefilm now streams more content than it mails

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Blu-ray disc is causing some much confusion (it looks like a dvd bootleg) that Amazon has added a note.

Woody Harrelson talks to Rotten Tomatoes about his five favorite movies.

Battlestar Galactica Viper Flight Simulator

Watching Harry Potter films enhances creativity in children

Go Back to the Nineties With Vulture's Community Pogs

Stylist lists 25 kick-ass TV heroines

Video: How Pulp Fiction Should Have Ended

Rotten Tomatoes looks back at Action-Packed TV Show Adaptations

Scott C's latest Great Showdown is a Battle Royale tribute.

UGO lists 11 of the Best Horror Comedies

Watch a New Featurette on American Reunion

Complex lists 25 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

Game of Thrones illustration by Donald Smith

Utah Thanks 'John Carter' For Creating Jobs, Infusing Almost $20 Million into State Economy

Video: If The Raid was a video game.

Complex lists 25 Fictional Restaurants We Want To Eat At

Check out some 1980's concept art for Willow: The Animated Series.

Listverse lists the Top 10 Outstanding Neo-Noirs Of The 2000s

The poster for Iceman starring Michael Shannon.

WhatCulture lists the 5 best and 5 worst Tim Burton movies.

Watch Disney's anime-style commercial for Tokyo Disneyland.

The 10 Worst Dressed Sci-Fi Film Characters