'The Amazing Spider-Man' Viral Gives Captain George Stacy A Chance To Speak

The viral campaign for Sony and Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man hasn't been nearly as exciting as the one for Fox and Ridley Scott's Prometheus, but here's a new installment from the Spidey viral that makes a few things clear.

We've wondered since the film was announced where classic Spidey character J. Jonah Jameson fits in, and how his newspaper the Daily Bugle, which employed Spidey alter-ego Peter Parker in most versions of his story, will evolve to find a place in the modern world. With print publications holding a far less important public role than was once the case, the Bugle seemed anachronistic.

This clip shows that the Bugle is now a television station, and while there is no version of the Jameson character, his role of vocal Spider-Man naysayer has been picked up by Denis Leary's character Captain Stacy.

We pretty much knew that Leary was playing a version of the JJJ role, thanks to early trailers and footage reels. But this makes it clear, as does the website shown below. Check out the Webbed Menace site, which has a great updated version of the classic police sketch of Spider-Man that was a component of the early stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. We'll likely see more materials show up via this website as the film's summer release date approaches. Check out our recap of the film's appearance at WonderCon this past weekend for more bits of info.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3. The 3D reboot also stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and more.