Watch Five Minutes Of Guy Pearce's Life-Saving Efforts In 'Lockout'

The movie Lockout, in which Guy Pearce plays a Snake Plissken-like character charged with rescuing a bigwig's daughter (Maggie Grace) from a satellite prison, came almost out of nowhere last year. We knew the film was coming together, but then the first clips of footage suggested that it aspires to be more fun, cheeky and Escape From New York-like than we'd expected. Response to the early footage was strong.

At WonderCon this weekend, a five-minute clip was shown to audiences, and that clip is now online. It covers a lot of ground, from a desperate fight scene/setpiece to Pearce administering one of the most stomach-churning emergency medical procedures we're likely to see in a film this spring.

Check out the clip below.

Since the early teasers landed I'd started to suspect that Lockout would at least be a solid B-movie experience thanks to the persona created by Pearce, but now this clip suggests the film as a whole might be fairly capable in fun/crazy B-movie mode.

James Mather and Stephen St. Leger directed and shot the film, and co-wrote with producer Luc Besson.

A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president's daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.

Lockout, (or Lock Out or MS-One, depending on where you live) opens in the US on April 20th, 2012.