Joseph Kosinski's Tom Cruise Vehicle 'Oblivion' Moves To April 2013

In addition to dating Jurassic Park 3D Thursday afternoon, Universal has moved their Joseph Kosinski sci-fi epic Oblivion starring Tom Cruise from July 10, 2013 to April 26, 2013, officially kicking off next Summer. The new release date positions Oblivion (formerly called Horizons) before Iron Man 3 as the first official, big movie of the summer, which is very similar to what the studio did last year when they positioned Fast Five in a similar slot. That move seemed to work. Read more after the jump.

Variety broke the news of the Oblivion switch .

Kosinski's follow up to Tron: Legacy is about "a soldier stationed on Earth, the surface of which has been destroyed by aliens. When he discovers a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod, it sets off a chain of events that cause him to question everything." Cruise is the lead and Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman will join him.

The release date shift, however minor, feels like a vote of confidence in the film which is currently in production. Do you agree?

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