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Header Photo: Toy Story characters on Facebook

PopMatters lists The Top 10 Cinematic Swashbucklers of All TimeDamon Lindelof tweets about trailers of trailers.Examiner offers Five recommendations for your Netflix queue

Mickey Worsnup and JJ Abrams' main VFX guy Brandon Fayette (the guys that created the Bad Robot logo) have a project looking for funding on Kickstarter (via):

DOME is a CG animated series created by VFX wizard Brandon Fayette- about a simple robot on an epic journey to get back home.

The Hunger Games was forced to shave seven seconds of footage for its UK release in order to receive a 12A rating.

Netflix 'Just for Kids' comes to PS3

Clint Eastwood's family will be the focus of a new E! reality seriesA Map Of The United States As Middle EarthThe Playlist lists 5 Unnecessary, Unwanted Sequels That Bit The Dust & 5 More That Are Somehow Getting Made

Check out some Pre-production photos of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander (in progress) from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Gimme the Loot and Beware of Mr. Baker Top SXSW Film Festival Jury Awards

An England pub called The Hobbit is under threat by producer Saul Zaentz, who owns the worldwide rights to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

HBO's drama pilot Da Brick will not be going forward.

Watch Saturday Night Live's The Real Housewives of Disney

A third horse has died on the set of HBO's Luck

Don't Be a Chucklehead, Get to Know 'The FP' Urban Dictionary

Fox will Promote Home Video Sales With Shopping Mall And Smartphone Initiatives

James Gilleard illustrated Mr Incredible hiding beneath the Omnidroid for Planet Pulps 'Disney Villains' showScott Pilgrim Writer Michael Bacall Confirms Role In Django Unchained; Tom Wopat Reveals Details Of His AppearanceBack to the Future-inspired "Doc Brown's Brain Wave Analyzer" t-shirtSusan Sarandon talks about the Wachowskis' Cloud Atlas:

"I was a little nervous about some of the things I had to do, and then everyone was being so brave, bouncing from one set to the other and one pair of contact lenses to the other, noses and whatever, so I just went for it," she said, noting one character in particular was especially bold. "He is Indian, dark-skinned, dressed like Cornell West and I have little glasses, a little bit of a belly," Sarandon explained. "I've got to tell you, it was more unsettling than I had anticipated. I know there is some disease where you don't recognize yourself when you see it, and you really do not know it's me, because I have darker contacts on, a few different pieces, a few different hairline. It's pretty amazing, actually. I don't even think you hear me speak because it's something that's in a newsreel, it's kind of a religious person, I don't think you'd even know it's me."

21 Jump Street PSA: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum on the Dangers of Finger Blasting21 Jump Street Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller Reveal The Tagline They're Pitching For The 'Lego' Movie: 'The Smallest Movie Of The Summer.'"

A special oversized printing of Tim Doyle's Blade Runner-inspired "The White Dragon" print is on sale at SXSW's Flatstock.

Neil LaBute's Short Film 'BFF' to Have Its World Premiere at Tribeca Film FestivalNirvana/Friday the 13th-inspired "Jason's Nirvana" t-shirt.Courtney Love claims The Muppets Raped Kurt Cobain

Today's t-shirt of RIPT Apparel is a Back to the Future-inspired design "Off The Floor"

ThePlaylist lists All The Songs From The '21 Jump Street' Soundtrack Including Eminem, The Clash, N.W.A., Foster The People & MoreWatch a Trippy Japanese TRON Lightsuit Dance RoutineBuzzSugar lists 10 tv bars they would like to spend St. Patrick's DayThe Hunger Games Mall Tour PosterGeekSugar lists their 10 favorite geeks for '90's tv shows.

R2-D2 Cookie Jar

Pajiba lists 115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire SlayerWatch a behind the scenes b-roll video for The Hunger Games.

Pixar's 'Brave' to Close 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival

Alien-inspired high heels.Kevin Smith on going indie, podcasting, and "saving his career"Supercut: All The Breaking Glass In Total Recall

HBO draws 3.6 million people for Game Change.

Check out the poster for the upcoming indie comedy Jesus Henry Christ

Blastr lists 9 scary (and sometimes silly) shark props from movies and TVLastExitToNowhere releases a t-shirt homage to Hellbound: Hellraiser IIPopular Mechanics lists 21 Movies We Can't Wait to See in 2012 Read more: New Movies 2012You can now buy a replica of Dexter's kill shirt... but why would you wanna?Do We Care About Critic Quotes on Trailers?

Darth Vader and a Unicorn.

Music Box Films acquires the Sundance drama Keep The Lights On.

"Never Say Die" t-shirt by Brave Anderson shows The Goonies in the style of Peanuts

IFC lists The top ten bar fights in moviesSupercut: "I'm Too Old For This Shit"WhatCulture lsits 5 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Scott C's latest Great Showdown is a tribute to The Fly.

ForeverGeek lists 9 must have Hunger Games accessories