Max Landis Returns To Script 'Chronicle 2'

Briefly: Fox liked the way that Chronicle turned out — the low-budget 'teens with powers' film has made over $100m worldwide so far, and even when promotional costs other sundry expenses are factored in, that's pretty damn good for a film that cost $12m to make.

Director Josh Trank has said he is unsure about directing a sequel, and was just linked to Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Venom. But Fox is going ahead with the first stage of sequel production anyway, and has hired original screenwriter Max Landis to write Chronicle 2.

Unfortunately, that hire is the only data we've got right now. No clues as to storyline, or how the sequel will jump off from the events of the first film. Will Alex Russell be called back to reprise his character? Or will the sequel follow other people who are empowered by the mysterious energy source found by the kids in the first movie? The nature of the power-giving stuff in Chronicle was left deliberately unclear, as it really isn't the focus of the film, but that lack of clarity could now help create new characters for a sequel. Given the end of the first movie, Chronicle 2 is probably going to need a few new characters. [Deadline]