'That's My Boy' Green Band Trailer - Much Fewer F-Bombs, Slightly More Laughs

Proving that just because you can doesn't mean you should, the new green-band trailer for That's My Boy drops much of the cursing, nudity, and bodily fluids that comprised last week's red-band trailer, and is, frankly, all the better for it. The jokes are still pretty hit or miss, but the fact that it has jokes at all — rather than just a lengthy string of "fucks" — makes this cut a vast improvement over the last one.

Adam Sandler stars as Donny, the ne'er-do-well father of Todd (Andy Samberg). When Donny realizes he's deeply in debt, he reunites with his son, now a successful hedge-fund manager, and butts heads with his future daughter-in-law (Leighton Meester). Watch the trailer after the jump.

[MTV via Collider]

One huge plus of the green-band trailer is the intro showing how Donny came to be a father. Not only does it explain the scant 12-year age difference between Sandler and Samberg, it goes a long way toward making the character less hateable. I'm still having trouble mustering much sympathy for him — or his inevitable heartbreak when Todd realizes why Donny really came to town and kicks him out, even though Donny was just starting to genuinely feel a bond with his son, etc. (I'm assuming) — but at least I'm no longer rooting for him to die a slow and painful death.

On the whole, That's My Boy still looks like a pretty big disappointment when you consider the names involved. While I don't have a strong opinion about relatively new directors Sean Anders and John Morris (Sex Drive), I'd expect much better from Happy Endings creator David Caspe, who wrote the script, and Ken Marino and David Wain, who rewrote it. Here's hoping for some better trailers between now and the film's opening on June 15. Check out the poster below: