New 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' Teaser Riffs On 'The Artist,' Despite Young Audiences Being Unfamiliar With 'The Artist'

I'm not sure exactly how this new featurette, no matter how well-assembled it might be, is going to do when it comes to selling the latest Fox and Blue Sky Studios film Ice Age: Continental Drift. At least, it might not do a lot of good now. After this weekend things might change.

The conceit at work here is a big riff on The Artist. Yet despite garnering awards and a lot of headline attention as the movie races towards a likely Oscar win this Sunday, there are still a great many people, I think, who have only the barest idea of what The Artist is. Granted, that could change really fast come Sunday night, if the film trundles away from the Oscar stage with a wheelbarrow full of statuettes.

So get a jump on the post-Oscar Artist marketing deluge now by checking out the Ice Age parody of the film below.

This comes from Total Film — makes some sense that the UK would get an Artist-themed parody, as the film has done more business overseas than in the States.