Tony Scott To Cast Vince Vaughn In Drug Cartel-Busting Action Thriller 'Lucky Strike'?

Tony Scott, like his brother and a few other filmmakers such as Guillermo Del Toro, always seems to have a large collection of films in development. That makes pinning down his next project difficult. But now we might have a 'next film' for Tony Scott. Wouldn't you know it, this is one that seems a bit like it is coming out of left field.

The script is called Lucky Strike, and it is about a DEA agent who works with a drug runner to topple a cartel. Vince Vaughn may star. Wait, Vince Vaughn in a frenetic Tony Scott movie about a drug-busting agent? Sure, why not?

Deadline says that Scott has been interested in Henry Bean's Lucky Strike script for a while, but it's a project that hasn't been reported on as much as some others. There isn't much detail about Vince Vaughn's possible character, other than the report that he'd lead the project. (I'd actually like to see him as the drug runner. That would make more sense.)

We'll see if this actually happens, as there are many many other possible Scott projects on deck. Those include the Scott Frank-scripted Hell's Angels, the Wild Bunch remake, a Top Gun 3D conversion and possible sequel, the recent reality-inspired drug smuggling thriller Narco Sub and quite probably a half a dozen others. At least the Scott-directed remake of The Warriors seems to be dead.