Ep. 176 - Certified Copy (GUEST: Scott Mendelson From Mendelson's Memos)

This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam discuss the mediocrity of Safe House, despair for the next generation of digital natives, offer up some thoughts on the OSS 117 films, and try to make sense of Certified Copy. Special guest Scott Mendelson joins us from Mendelson's Memos.

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What We've Been Watching

  • Scott (02:15): Safe House
  • David Chen (18:46): Mad Men Marathon Continued, Afterschool
  • Devindra (28:30): Coriolanus, OSS 117: Cairo: Nest of Spies
  • News Discussion

  • (35:58) Bourne Legacy Trailer
  • (43:10) George Lucas Claims Han Never Shot First
  • Featured Review

  • (1:04:00) Certified Copy
  • Credits

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