TV Bits: 'Legion' Turned Into TV Series At Syfy, NBC Delays Munsters Pilot

While most people would agree Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion isn't exactly a masterful piece of cinema, the film's idea is rock solid. God has decided to smite humanity and sends his legions of angels down upon us. It's then up to a rogue angel to help a group of strangers make their last stand. The film doesn't quite live up to that cool log line but maybe, when it's adapted to TV, it will. Stewart is now developing the film into a TV series on SyFy.

In other TV news the Bryan Singer/Bryan Fuller produced Munsters pilot, Mockingbird Lane, has been delayed so improvements could be made. Read more about both stories after the jump.

Deadline broke the news about Legion, which is simply that it's in development. Stewart, who c0-wrote and directed the 2010 feature, will executive producer and Sons of Anarchy writer Vaun Wilmott will write. The timing is odd, however, in that – depending on the speed of the development, the show could hypothetically be ready for the upcoming season. Traditional TV pilot season is right around the corner. Then again, SyFy is cable and doesn't have to stick to those boundaries. There's no hint either way.

What we do know is that Mockingbird Lane, the new title for the Munsters reimagning, has been moved from the 2012-2013 pilot season.The project, a new take on the Sixties TV show about a family of monsters, was announced in November and was set to shoot later month. That's now been postponed, according to Variety:

Sources say the network felt "Mockingbird" needed more time to fine-tune key elements on what NBC sees as a major priority. Rather than rush against the deadline of the start of lensing, the decision to push the project back to midseason consideration was reached Thursday afternoon.

The show might be ready for summer which would slot it a possible mid-season replacement at NBC.

I think out of these two pieces of news, I'm more encouraged by the Munsters delay. Sometimes it's easy to get pessimistic about Hollywood rushing into something without it being up to par. So, when you hear something like this, it makes it seems like they care.

Are you excited for a Legion TV show? Encouraged by the Munsters delay?