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NBC Picks Up Eric Kripke/JJ Abrams Drama Pilot 'Revolution'

The screenwriter of Groundhog Day has written an eBook about his experience.

The World's Lamest CGI Has Been Named

/Film reader Taylor S's Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo.

Starz Entertainment Licenses More Than 500 Movies from Lionsgate in MultiYear Library Agreement

Donald Glover Pleads With You To Help Get Community Back On AirTom Cruise & Halle Berry To Present At 84th Academy Awards On Oscar Sunday, February 26

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Michael Penick's Indiana Jones illustration.

GammaSquad lists 5 reasons the Futurama crew should be in jail.William Shatner reacts to the death of the Priceline negotiator.

Fox 'Extends' Alcatraz Run, Rests House and Fringe in March for Repeat-Free Season Finishes

Lord of the Rings Violin MedleyMichael Sheen & Lizzy Caplan To Star In Showtime Pilot 'Masters Of Sex'Check out the poster for Silent House.Shock lists the best & worst found footage movies.Tim Burton's Secret Formula.

Hulu Picks Up Mocumentary Comedy Series From Liz Tuccillo And Paul Bartholomew

Clinton Felker's Star Wars Samurai art

Sony's 'Angelology' Gets Black List Scribe Larry Brenner

Supercut: Parks & Recreation's Chris Traeger use of the word "literally"

Pajiba lists 20 Movie Posters that Have Been Banned Somewhere for Being Too Profane, Gruesome, Provocative, or Offensive

James White's Rambo: First Blood poster

Rejects lists 61 Things We Learned From the 'Armageddon' CommentaryDark Crystal Fizzgig PlushTopTenz lists Top 10 Bizarre Early Films Of Famous DirectorsThe Artist star's racy Les Indideles posters are drawing complaints in France.

In honor of Big Miracle, moviefone lists the 5 best movie whales.

William Shatner will be starring in a one man show Shatner's World: We Just Live In It.Blastr lists 8 fan campaigns that saved series—and 14 (sob!) that failedStar Trek Borg Arm Weapon Prop Replica

Unique LA is launching a Monthly Monday Movie Night in LA at the Echoplex, with all films taking place in Los Angeles.

See the cast of Downton Abbey out of costume.BuzzSugar lists 15 most romantic movie moments.Watch the making of a Woola cake for the John Carter wrap party.Katherine Heigl is set to star in Face Blind , "an independent thriller about a psychologist struck with a rare affliction that makes it impossible to distinguish people by their faces. When a man who terrorized her most vulnerable patient stalks her, the psychologist can?t recognize him, and her husband thinks she?s the one who is going crazy."

/Film reader Ryan Estabrooks has created an infographic about 2011's comedy films.

The 20 hottest chicks in leather in movies.BuzzFeed lists 24 Artistically Modified Vader HelmetsRejects lists 5 TV Shows That Jumped the Shark in 2011

Millennium Entertainment has released the first poster for Intruders

FirstShowing's 5 biggest disappointments of 2011.DishInfographic: Reality Television by the numbersRejects has a drinking game for Final Destination 5.