Early Buzz: 'American Reunion,' The Best Of The Series?

When people think of 1999 movies, titles like Fight Club, The Matrix and Being John Malkovich are just a few of the influential titles mentioned. One that regularly gets overlooked is American Pie, which not only was a massive hit, it launched a franchise, multiple catchphrases and the careers of several actors. It's now 13 years later and 2012, once again, has a very impressive set of films coming out and, once again, American Reunion is getting overlooked. The fourth theatrical Pie film returns the entire cast for their 10 year high school reunion and will be released on April 6.

The film test screened earlier this week in New York and Los Angeles and fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions. What did they think? They loved it. Read some early buzz after the jump.

Here's some proof of the LA screening from @MovieDude18:

Here's what he thought of the film:

Lived up to my every expectation! Best one yet! Good to see the gang back!

The IMDB message boards for the film lit up with reviews:

I laughed non-stop from beginning to end tonight, and I cant wait till April to see it again. It is an absolute riot and one of the funniest and most absorbing comedies to come along in a very long time.

Here are some additional quotes from Twitter:

@PaulyPM: Just saw American Reunion. So fuckin funny! My 2nd favorite@Lu_Cypha: American Reunion was very entertaining@sdevilcountry: Had plenty of doubts walking in, but laughed from start to finish.@AlbertFuentes: It was so funny! :D @lilitaly111: Hilarious!!!!

@KeanaAlexander: Hi-lar-ious!!!

@MusicalJ21: Definitely the funniest of the American Pie series...and a nice little walk down 90s memory lane!

And this last tweet from @adam_barron is something of a minor spoiler. Skip below the quote if you like:

Go for the 90s references, stay for the topless teenagers and Biggs cock shot.

Seems to be a pretty, overwhelmingly positive response. Which is exciting. It'll be tough for this movie to beat 21 Jump Street in terms of laughs but I really hope it does.

Are you looking forward to this film? Do you trust early buzz like this?