New 'Skyfall' Image Shows Bond Ready To Kill

Time to tell that poolside image of Daniel Craig as James Bond: sorry, you've been disavowed. Early this morning revealed what EON Productions is calling the real first image of Daniel Craig as James Bond in the new film Skyfall, which is being directed right now by Sam Mendes and photographed by Roger Deakins.

That's a hint of the new shot, above. Check out the full thing below.

So, is this shot from a scene that takes place in Singapore, as some have theorized? That I don't know, but I do like the look of the lighting. There's a certain video game sheen (I keep thinking Splinter Cell) but also a great balance of color. Thanks, Roger Deakins! (This shot, of course, may be an on-set still rather than a frame of the film, but either way, it should represent Deakins' lighting.)

Skyfall also features Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Albert Finney, Berenice Malohe and Naomie Harris as the primary cast. Release is set in Europe for October 26th, 2012, with the film hitting the US on November 9th.