Sony Will Sneak Peek Parts Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' In Select Cities On February 6

Earlier today we talked about some of the story aspects in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man that play into the 'untold story' that Sony is promising from the film. I assumed we'd have to wait a while longer before learning more about the story, but that might not be the case.

Projections have been seen around the city of London this evening pointing audiences to, and a similar website,, should be launching soon in the US. The UK site gives a chance to sign up for "a sneak peek into the untold story," which will take place on Monday February 6.

The exact details of the sneak peek are unknown at this point — we don't know what will be shown, though I might be on the same seven minutes or so that were shown in Japan not long ago, which will likely set up some of the early story with Peter Parker's lost parents. The footage could also be more or less the same reel that was shown at Comic Con last summer.

Sadly, it seems like the selection of cities in which the sneak peek will take place is pretty limited. Right now the US website mentions Berlin, London (which seems to be sold out), LA, Madrid, Mexico City, Moscow, NYC, Paris, Rio, Rome, Seoul, Sydney,  and Tokyo.

It's great that this is an international promo, but there will be many people outside those few cities that want to see whatever Sony is cooking up. ComingSoon reports that advertising is going up in Rio, New York and LA in addition to the London projections, and I'd expect that more will be seen in the other cities, too.