Liv Tyler Cast In Ti West's Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller 'The Side Effect'

Ti West is really moving forward with his next film, the sci-fi tinged thriller The Side Effect. (Which we formerly referred to as The Side Effects, and which I still suspect will get a new title, as Steven Soderbergh is making a movie called Side Effects.) Just days ago we pointed out an interview where West said the film was nearly funded and that he had a lead actor in mind.

Now the deal is done for that actor: Liv Tyler, who will play a woman who deals with the psychological effect of months alone in space.

Deadline reports the casting and says that Tyler will play "Catherine Rigby, a woman who spends several months alone in space as an experimental subject for a global pharmaceutical company, and finds herself inexplicably pregnant. Paranoia and hysteria reign as the truth behind conception grows more elusive and she remains stranded in space."

Given that I like West's previous indie films, and that I'm also a big fan of both versions of Solaris, films that mine similar territory, this movie sounds very appealing.

Ted Hope and Peter Phok, who produced West's previous indies The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, will produce The Side Effect as well. Hope, who also produced Super, featuring Tyler, had nothing but the most glowing comments to offer about West:

I was blown away by Ti's films. I wondered why the studios and big budget guys hadn't yet scooped him up. His movies are note-perfect displays of tension and tone. Each aspect of his filmmaking serves the whole. It's rare to see such talent on display.