Two Rejected Concepts From Upcoming 'Godzilla' Film

When last we left development of the new, Legendary Pictures Godzilla, Monsters director Gareth Edwards was attached to direct and Max Borenstein was rewriting the script previously worked on by David Goyer and David Callaham. Edwards even stressed "Everyone involved knows what the film has to be." This latest update confirms that.

A Japanese monster magazine called G-Fan has uncovered, what they claim, are two concept designs from the film that were reportedly rejected by Legendary Pictures. If these are the Godzilla designs they're rejecting, things are looking up.

These images, from G-Fan Magazine, come to us from via Comic Book Movie.

Right off the bat you can see they're on the right track. The head might not look right but the tail is pretty fantastic. Out of the two images, I prefer the top one just because it's more of a traditional Godzilla as opposed to a T-Rex Godzilla like we got in the 1998 film.

As Edwards had stated, it's important to get this right and they won't move ahead unless it is. One would think the easiest thing would be to just 100% duplicate Godzilla from the 1950s movies. That's the iconic image the fans are used to. Then again, the monster has to be menacing and that character was anything but. However, you don't want it to be too dinosaurish or campy either. Balancing all these considerations must be maddening.

Though these above images are cool, I think what would really sell me if I was producing or directing would be test footage of these creatures. Maybe that'll leak soon. Or we'll hear the project finally has a green light and we'll know they've all settled on a design they're happy with.

Which of these two do you prefer? Are they on the right track?