LOL: Paul Scheer And Rob Huebel Are The Future Of Motion Capture

We're moving into a brave new world of CGI and motion capture. No longer will actors be limited to playing characters that move, and no longer will filmmakers be forced to rely on outdated 'props' and 'set dressing.' There is a new wave of motion capture artists who are pushing the boundaries of motion capture as an art form.

After the break, you'll find a brief documentary on these cinematic trailblazers.

"Why would I want a gun to play a gun, when these guys are just much better actors than guns?" Gotta love Michael Bay showing up to lampoon his own movies a little bit. Jon Favreau is someone I'd expect to see in a comedy bit like this, but Bay is a welcome addition. And Ray Liotta! Career-high work from the guy, right here. Nice little appearance by Martin Starr, too. [Funny or Die]