Must Watch: CG-Free 'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' Footage And 'War Horse' Animatronic Test

Debate has gone on for months over whether or not Andy Serkis should be nominated for an Oscar for his work in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The issue at hand isn't the work done by Serkis, which is clearly strong. It is the fact that he did that work on set but isn't actually seen in the film, as his physical presence is painted out and replaced with the all-CGI ape Caesar.

The problem, inasmuch as there is one, is that some people have a difficult time seeing through that wash of pixels to understand the work that Serkis did for the film. But a new clip shows a full scene as captured by cameras on set, with Serkis performing as Caesar, and then presents the same scene with his CG alter-ego in place. If you had any doubts about what sort of work Serkis did for the role, this will erase them.

HitFix presents this clip:

And while we're looking at effects, here's a great little clip of an animatronic test for Steven Spielberg's War Horse. Chris Clarke, senior animatronics technician on the film, posted this clip to Facebook, and it shows a bit of technology that was used for a sequence in which Joey, the film's heroic horse, is caught in barbed wire.

Click this image to view the clip — you'll be redirected to FaceBook, as we don't have another embed available:

[via AICN]