Exclusive: 'TRON' And 'TRON: Legacy' Mondo Posters By Martin Ansin

At first glance, Martin Ansin is an unlikely choice to make Mondo posters for TRON. His work, such as the recent poster for Dracula, a sought after Star Trek Space Seed piece or his wholey unique take on Star Wars, are all extremely realistic and defined, two traits that certainly don't describe Disney's sci-fi franchise. Then you look about the wide-ranging scope of Ansin's subjects and it's obvious that his clean style can breath life into just about anything. It's part of the reason why his art, much like Olly Moss and Tyler Stout before him, is becoming more and more sought after on a daily basis.

/Film is proud to exclusively debut the latest collaboration between Disney, Mondo and Sideshow Collectibles: a limited edition posters set (yes, it's a paired set) of posters for TRON and TRON:Legacy by Martin Ansin. Check them both out and find out when you can buy them after the jump.

Here are Ansin's posters for TRON and TRON: Legacy.

Both glow in the dark (!) posters are 24 x 36 inch screenprints with UV varnish and come in paired editions of 390. They will only be sold as sets and cost $90 for both.

They'll go on sale Thursday January 19 at a random time. Follow @MondoNews for the announcement.

And if you miss the drop, don't worry. Because it's a collaboration between Mondo, Disney and Sideshow, Sideshow Collectibles will have a special variant set available on their site (click here) at a later date.

This is the second TRON set Mondo has done (but third TRON poster overall) and while each is totally different, the movies are so visually stunning that all the interpretations kind of work perfectly. Eric Tan's set is boxy and symetrical while Ansin's are more humanistic and layered. Either of those descriptions can perfectly describe TRON too.

What do you think of the posters?