/Film Receives A Mysterious Package From 'Alcatraz'

/Film headquarters received a mysterious package today from Alcatraz — the beginning of a viral marketing promotion for the JJ Abrams-produced tv series Alcatraz. Housed inside a worn metal lock box, are a bunch of different items including: A key to an Alcatraz prison cell, a flower, an Alcatraz tour book, a couple postcards (one with an inscription by a young girl named Susie to her "Nana"), a torn page from an "inmates of Alcatraz" guide book, a clipping from an old 1962 newspaper about "The Final Lockdown", and a page from a magazine which features a look at Dr. Diego Soto's (played by Jorge Garcia in the tv series) "Inmates of Alcatraz" book.

Letters on the magazine page are circled, which together spell "LEGENDS OF ALCATRAZ". LegendsOfAlcatraz.com redirects to the official Fox website for the show, but I'm sure that will eventually change. I'm set to head to San Francisco tomorrow to visit Alcatraz and hopefully find out more. I've taken photos of all of the items in the package, and included them after the jump.