Matthew Vaughn Not Likely To Direct 'Kick Ass 2,' But Is Talking To Someone Who Might

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. There is absolutely no guarantee that Kick Ass 2 will ever exist as a movie. It exists as a comic book (the sixth issue was released just last week) so if you're curious what happens next to Kick Ass and Hit Girl, that's your best bet. For a while, Matthew Vaughn was speaking as if he would direct a sequel despite the disappointing box office of the original and his stars, like Chloƫ Moretz, suggested they would return. But even with all of that, there was no guarantee.

There's now a significant update of sorts. Co-screenwriter Jane Goldman has been quoted saying neither she or Vaughn have any plans to write the screenplay, Vaughn isn't likely to direct, but he'll probably produce and is currently talking to someone who is very interested in writing and directing. Read her quote and more after the jump.

Thanks to MTV for this quote from Goldman.

I think the only thing that is fairly sure is that right now, Matthew doesn't have any plans to direct it. He and I are not currently talking about writing it either. It may well be that Matthew oversees ['Kick-Ass 2'] in a producer role, and I may also be involved in that capacity. I know that there is somebody that Matthew has been talking to who would be interested in writing and directing that. That would be cool.

She did, however, mention that she's keen on the idea even if it likely won't happen:

[Going back] is very tempting We had such a wonderful time making it. It's such a great bunch of people, people we'd all be incredibly keen to work with again. If we could repeat the experience we had that would be wonderful. I think for whatever reason Matthew feels that he isn't going to be directing that one.

MTV then asks if Goldman thinks a film sequel is even needed:

My own feeling is that I love Mark Millar's follow-up to the comic. I love the second volume of the comic, but whether the movie itself needs a sequel, I'm a little on the fence about that.

After Vaughn had such a massive hit with X-Men First Class, he's probably looking to bigger and better things than the sequel to a movie no one wanted to finance. He's moved beyond struggling like that. But who could he be talking to? Speculate away!

Do you consider this Kick Ass 2 update to be discouraging, because Vaughn won't direct, or encouraging, because he's talking to someone who might?