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Header Photo: Godzilla christmas tree.

Movies lists The Weirdest Gifts Given in Movies ... That You Can Now OwnNerdApproved lists 10 Chilling Super-Nerdy Snow SculpturesMoviefone lists 25 Things You Didn't Know About Harold and Maude

James Hance Star Wars / Winnie the Pooh Art

MTV lists Five 'Sherlock Holmes' Stories That Should Be Adapted Next

Scott C's A Christmas Story Great Showdown.

Movieline lists 9 Suggested New Titles for Will Ferrell's Dubious New Comedy Casa de mi Padre

The Disneyland Band had a cameo in The Muppets.

Cinemablend lists the 10 best performances in terrible 2011 movies.

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WALL-E LEGOMoviefone lists the Best Movie Dogs of 2011: From Uggie to Skeletor, the Top 11 Canine Co-Stars of '11Grinch Who Stole Christmas cake.Vulture lists Roll Call: All 24 Ghosts Living in the American Horror Story House

Darth Vader Baking Tray

BuzzSugar lists Big-Screen Santas: 10 Actors Who Have Played Saint NickStar Trek tattoo.

Morgan Stanley Predicts 1% Movie Theater Attendance Decline in 2012

Hindiana Jones Dodd Furniture commercial.

Moviefone lists the Best Soundtracks of 2011

"The Galaxy May Never Know" t-shirt.

Rejects lists The 12 Funniest Musical Moments in (Non-Musical) MoviesTransformers stop-motion fight.UGO lists Netflix Streaming's Best Christmas TV SpecialsYogi Shot First?Moviefone lists 11 Non-Christmas Christmas Movie Moments

Dried Zombie Skin for Vegans.

Shame Versus Dragon Tattoo: Why Again is One NC-17?Hello Kitty R2-D2 tattoo.Movieline lists The 10 Finest Screen Performances of 2011Game Of Thrones Apron: "Dinner Is Coming"

We're Never Going Back. Pajiba lists  8 Sh*tty "Lost" Knock-Offs

Peeking Muppets wall decals.

MTV lists Five J.J. Abrams Regulars We Want Recruited Next for Mission: ImpossibleBreaking Bad-inspired Bunsen & Beaker t-shirt.Rejects lists 6 Awesome Movie Amusement Park Rides And Their Real Life LocationsAnother Gingerbread TARDIS.HuffPost takes a look at the shows we lost in 2011.


Hollywood spent $750 million in Christmas movie releases.

Blade Runner LEGO.PopCrunch lists Top 16 Greatest Epic Fantasy Movies

Homemade Transformers costume.

Blastr lists 14 great sci-fi and fantasy detectives who out-Sherlock'd HolmesWhere's The Doctor?UGO lists the Top 8 Most Uncomfortable Movie Montages