'Margin Call' Director Set For Survival Adventure Film 'All Is Lost,' Robert Redford In Talks To Star

Briefly: There is some diversity of opinion out there about Margin Call, this year's feature debut from J.C. Chandor. But he's landing on some critics list as 'best debut director,' and now he's set up another film. The new project is called All is Lost, and it is a sort of wilderness adventure film — "a man vs. nature drama that takes place on the water."Deadline reports that one of the comparisons the script is drawing is to the 1972 film Jeremiah Johnson, which starred Robert Redford as a guy trying to live a lone frontier life. Perhaps that's because Chandor wrote the movie with Redford in mind, and the actor is now in talks to star in the one man show. (The title makes me think of a sort of adventure companion to Margin Call — an after the collapse sort of survival tale.) Sadly we don't have any more plot details, and searching through interviews with Chandor over the past year I haven't yet come up with any quotes to offer insight into the film. But if things go well it will shoot in May, perhaps partially in the studio/tank where Titanic and Pearl Harbor were shot.