VOTD: A Great Look At Practical Effects Created For 'The Thing'

When The Thing was released earlier this year, there were some viewers who weren't thrilled with the degree to which CGI was used to bring the movie's alien creature to life. John Carpenter's 1982 movie of the same name, for which this year's film is a prequel, is a landmark in the use of practical effects. Early in the development of the '11 movie, we'd heard that it would feature a good mix of practical and CGI effects work. The final release edit countered that assertion; at the very least, it seemed to have a lot of CGI painted over the practical effects.

Now a video posted by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., the company that did the film's practical effects, shows a lot of the unvarnished work done for the movie. It looks great, and features a good look at what may be the alien's 'original' form — or at least the form that landed on Earth. Check it out below.

Slight spoilers for The Thing follow, but this video has such great stuff that I'd say check it out anyway. Not like there's any doubt that almost everyone in The Thing dies, anyway.

The YouTube video can't be embedded, but is much higher quality than the embed below.

[via STYD]