Now George Lucas Has Weighed In On 'Indiana Jones 5' Talk

When we last left the saga of the slowly developing potential film, Indiana Jones 5, Steven Spielberg clarified that "It's up to George." He and George Lucas, of course, had agreed on the concept for the film but until Lucas had more story details worked out, the film can't progress. The man with the plan was on the red carpet for his friend's The Adventures of Tintin premiere (which, itself, is structured and feels like an Indiana Jones movie) and offered his two cents. No big surprises here, he's basically just echoing Spielberg but you can read the quote and watch a video of Spielberg talking a bit about the film after the jump.

Just to recap, Steven Spielberg did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and after some discussion, he basically said this in regards to Indiana Jones 5:

It's up to George. We have already agreed on the [MacGuffin] of the fifth movie, we already have a concept in mind. I don't know where George is with the story. There is no Indy 5 until George says there is.

So, Vulture posed that information to Lucas and he came back with the following:

Actually, I told him I didn't have it yet. I told him about the story, but I really haven't found the MacGuffin yet. I mean, I know what it's about, but I just have to find a MacGuffin that fits into the arena we're working in.

They then followed up and asked if Indy's family would play into it, which of course refers to his new wife and son, to which Lucas said:

Yeah, we'll see!

Though the two best friends are digging themselves into a bit of a semantics hole with terms like "concept," "genre" and "MacGuffin" all being used interchangeably, they haven't deviated from their story since post-Crystal Skull. There's an idea but no object to center it around. So, for example, if this talk were to parallel what would end up being Last Crusade, Lucas and Spielberg know they want the movie to be about the Nazi's and his father. They just don't have the Holy Grail.

Which begs the question, why not? Sure Lucas runs a bunch of companies and has been working on Red Tails but when he lays his head down at night, he can't come up with a MacGuffin better than a Crystal Skull? Come on George, pick a piece and hire a screenwriter!

Tangentially related to all this, MTV sat down with Spielberg and asked if he felt a fifth movie was necessary to win back the fans.

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