VOTD: George Takei Says 'Twilight' Is 'Really Bad' And A Common Enemy To 'Star Trek' & 'Star Wars'

Over the past few weeks, a few online videos made the rounds pitting Star Trek alum William Shatner in a nerdy battle of words with Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher over whose legendary sci-fi franchise is better. Well Trek star George Takei has now stepped in to be a "broker of star peace" and band fans of both franchises together against a common enemy: Twilight.

Check out the video after the jump.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads up.

While the video is funny, and this whole forced feud is all well and good, I'm going to maturely step in, suck the fun out of it and look at these three franchises logically.

The Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, in my mind, is a silly one. Besides the fact that they're both immensely popular, have the word "Star" in the title followed by another word with four letters and take place in space, they have very little in common. I'm not going to run down all the differences, if you're reading this you know, but to pit the two against each other is pointless. Some people prefer one, others prefer the other, and the only deciding factor is probably which ever series you were exposed to first.

And no matter what George Takei says, Twilight doesn't threaten the fan bases of either franchise. Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek are usually a little older and a little more savvy to story and mythology. Twilight fans are primarily younger, female, and not only don't care about genre, they don't understand how almost every facet of their story is ludicrous across the board. But again, that's just my opinion. I know there are people out there who could argue the social and cultural importance of Twilight as well as others can do that for Trek and Wars. It's just not for me.

Then again, the young Twilight fans are eventually going to get older and, just as a current generation of parents have brought their kids up on Star Trek and Star Wars, these moms will likely bring their daughters up worshiping Jacob and Edward. That's a very, very frightening thought.

Do you think this debate is dumb and childish or does Takei have a point?