'Dark Knight Rises' Viral Continues Friday With 'Operation Early Bird'

Wednesday, speculation ran rampant that several leaked documents were the first clues to a brand new Dark Knight Rises viral campaign. Today that has been confirmed along with a new piece of the puzzle. The official Dark Knight Twitter account, @TheFireRises, tweeted a third document pointing to an event called Operation Early Bird which will commence at 10am Pacific Standard Time on Friday December 9. Check out the document and more after the jump.

Here's the document tweeted by @TheFireRises.

Again, not much there, just the name from yesterday, Dr. Pavel – confirming that this is indeed Batman related – and that name "Operation Early Bird." But if you pop www.operationearlybird.com into your browser it has a countdown that ends at...you guessed it...10 a.m. PST Friday.

Does the term "early bird" relate to an early reveal of the trailer that's expect to drop next week? It sounds plausible. Check back tomorrow for more information if it becomes available.