'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Viral Video Highlights 'Hard Copy' Segment

Despite what you might have read on news sites this week, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is more than a rogue movie review with a broken embargo. It's an actual film directed by David Fincher opening December 21 and part of the reason why producer Scott Rudin made such a hubbub about the early New Yorker review is Sony has been carefully marketing the film for months. One of the major facets of that is the MouthTapedShut viral campaign which allowed fans to uncover clues to find limited edition pieces of art from the film signed by Fincher himself.

That campaign has now revealed it's coolest nugget yet: a 9-minute, fake Hard Copy report made to look like it was transferred from an old VHS recording which details the murder case at the center of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Check it out below.

Thanks to What Is Hidden In Snow for this video.

Having not seen the Fincher version yet, and being only semi-familiar with the original film, what I can tell from this video is that it takes the primary mystery of the film – the disappearance of Harriet – and gives it more historical context of what was happening in the time since her disappearance and when Lisbeth Salender and Mikael Blomkvist show up on the scene. As interesting as the video is now, I'd imagine it's probably even more illuminating once you've seen the film and are more familiar with all the names, places and faces.

Have you been following the MouthTapedShut viral? Is this video the climax or is there still more to come?